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About Cars85

Cars85's has a long 6-year history.

My business was successful and I deserved a premium car so that I could drive my family around in safety and comfort. However, I noticed that cars in local dealerships were often very over-priced and often had a few issues.

However, after searching the Net for cars for export from the US or Europe, I noticed that 95% of these also had issues, so they weren't suitable for their US and European buyers: hence they were for export to Asia.

If these cars aren't good enough for their own local buyers, they're certainly not good enough myself, my family or my clients.


So, how can I find to good quality cars?

Cars85 is part of a larger trading company, and so we used our network of overseas clients to find excellent quality cars for us that are highly in demand in their own local markets.

These cars cost a little more, but they're still excellent value for money.

Even after:

  • Car purchase price of a quality car
  • Shipping and customs fees
  • Taiwan taxes
  • Taiwan testing fees
  • Our low admin fee

You can still get your desired quality premium car for 15% lower than other dealerships.

Our friends saw our cars, and asked us to import a car for them.

Cars85 was born.

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Ask our experts to find the prfect car for you. Include your phone number if you need us to phone you back.

We won't publish/share your name, email or phone with anyone else.

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