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Cars85 Contact Information


E-mail: The best way to contact us is to use the form on the right to ensure prompt delivery and bypass SPAM filters. You'll receive our email address when we reply to you.

Address & Phone

When you need to send samples and legal documents to Cars85, use address below.

29, Fongdong Rd,
Taiwan 42048
T: +886 4 2515 0077
F: +886 4 2515 8603

How to Find Us


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Ask Us a Question

Ask our experts to find the prfect car for you. Include your phone number if you need us to phone you back.

We won't publish/share your name, email or phone with anyone else.

Key Questions

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How can I save even more money?
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Do I need a premium car?
Find out the benefits of having a luxury car and why you need one.
Are the cars you get safe?
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