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Why to Buy from Cars85?

We can save you 15% or more compared to local luxury car dealers.

How can we save you 15% or more?

Firstly, by spending our time and exhaustive efforts locating, importing and certified cars for individual clients. Because we do not spend our time sourcing cars for the local "market" the way local automotive dealers do, we can focus our efforts to find your particular car. One that is appropriately chosen by you, for you.

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Key Questions

How can I import my own car into Taiwan?
It's very difficult importing your own car, that's why you need our help.
How can I save even more money?
Companies that itemize their tax bills can save big time. Find out how...
Do I need a premium car?
Find out the benefits of having a luxury car and why you need one.
Are the cars you get safe?
Yes, 100%! Not only do all of the cars we import conform to Taiwanese safety...